Conyers Septic Tank Pumping Tips

In Conyers Septic Tank pumping is a big deal. With the cleanup from the recent floods still a major concern in the Atlanta area, it is important to deal with a reputable septic company to ensure good results. There are those who are willing to take advantage of those who have been negatively impacted by the rains. Before you sign on the dotted line, do your homework.

Longevity makes a difference-

You really don’t want some fly-by-night company providing your septic pumping at this time. About the worst thing you can do to your system, especially if you have a plastic or fiberglass tank, is to pump it out too early. With the weight of the load gone these tanks have a nasty habit of popping right up out of the soil; think about what happens when you put an empty bottle in a sink full of water.

Only experience can help prevent foolish mistakes in dealing with a septic system in these soil conditions. Look for a company that has been working in the area for at least ten years. They have seen the good and the bad and know how to deal with unusual circumstances. On top of the concern for pop outs, you need to assess the whole system for silt, overflow and functionality.

Pumping After the Floods-

If you were lucky and your tank lid remained in place, even in the face of your lot flooding, then leave it alone until you can get professionals out to your home. Let them tell you when it is best to check the tank. If the tank didn’t get flooded all you may need is a prophylactic pumping and inspection before you get back to using your system.

If, however, your tank lid has floated off, the odds are that your tank is filled with flood waters and the whole system needs a thorough inspection. Try to find the lid and, if possible, place it back on the tank to prevent any additional material from entering the system. Once the soil has dried enough your septic specialists will come out to pump out the tank and inspect the system. The high water levels could have caused solid matter and silt to enter the diffusion pipes and they will need to be checked for usability.

Minor amounts of silt and dirt can be washed out with a power washing. If significant amounts of debris have made it down the pipes you may be facing the need to build a new leach field. Only people experienced in septic systems can help you make the best decisions for your situation.