Sewer Gas filters For Septic Systems

Sewer gas filters for septic systems.

If you have problems with your septic tank giving emitting foul odors, sewer gas filters can be a simple solution. These filters work outside your house. If you notice the smell outside and sometimes more potent in the evening, or early mornings, sewer gas filters are probably just, what you need. If however, the problem is indoors you will need to contact your plumber.

Vent filters are carbon-based which neutralizes the smell of hydrogen sulfide, the gas created by the breakdown of bacteria in your septic system. The smell of hydrogen sulfide gas is similar to that of a rotten egg.

One the vent filters have been properly installed, they should be effective for up to five years, in some cases longer. The lifetime of the sewer, gas filters vary depending on the usage of your tubs, sinks, and toilets, or waste flow into
your septic tank. For instance, if you operate a business that deals with the public, the life expectancy of the filters would not be as long as a single family dwelling with normal use.

Sewer gas filters are so easy to replace and install. Knowing when to replace the filter is easy when the charcoal has absorbed as much of the gases as it can the odor will return. You can even replace the charcoal/ carbon filler for the filter. Simply remove the charcoal bag in the filter, replacing it with a fresh one. Do not touch the charcoal in the bag for it can be hazardous to you.

Septic system problems can span from indoor plumbing to drainage problems with the septic tank itself.

You often discover septic system problems when material backs up into indoor fixtures or the unmistakable smell of rotten eggs. The source and location of the smell can often help you in determining what sort of septic system problems you are dealing with and what actions are needed to resolve the problems.

If septic material is backing up in your sinks and toilets, call a plumber immediately. The problem could be the drainage pipes are simply blocked. This can be remedied by snaking out the lines by a plumber. You might want to try a liquid chemical product to clear drainage blocks, first, but if this doesn’t work, a plumber is an answer.

You can purchase the correct equipment at your local hardware store to snake out the pipes yourself. Most of us don’t want to take the time or have the patience to do home plumbing jobs ourselves. It is often easier and more efficient to call in a plumber to fix the problem.

If you have a problem with septic odors, this could be caused by a problem with your drainage system. Your plumber is the best person to call in this case. However, if you are sure the odor is mostly outdoors, then installing a filter for your vent pipes may correct this foul situation. The odor is probably sewer gases coming from the vent pipes. These pipes are a part of your septic system, the use of a filter can stop eliminate the bad smell. You can easily order them online and install
them yourself.